Comments on Alvis suppliers, repairers, restorers

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Comments on Alvis suppliers, repairers, restorers

Postby Philip » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:34 pm

Please note the comments from Chairman Brian Maile in his column in the Nov/Dec "Bulletin" (No 550):"Whilst I have every sympathy with members who feel they have received poor service, the Club cannot get involved in such disputes. Commercial Officer Philip Olden [that's me] will listen to complaints and then raise them with the supplier concerned so that the supplier knows that the Club is aware of the problems [and so the Club knows the matter should be dealt with by the supplier]. There is on the AOC Bulletin Board available to members to express their views. A word of warning, though, we will still maintain the policy of not propagating negative (and potentially libellous) comments about individual companies - but if more members used the forum, it would soon be obvious which repairers and suppliers were getting the best feedback".

So, Members, please follow this policy and please DO contribute positively in the "Suppliers" section of the Bulletin Board. If you post negative comments, these will be deleted by the Webmaster and you may be prevented from posting further comments if you persist. If you have specific concerns or complaints about a specific supplier, you can let me or Brian Maile know and we will take it up with the supplier concerned.

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