Restore Alvis TD 21 DHC

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Re: Restore Alvis TD 21 DHC

Postby Philip » Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:43 pm

If restored to good condition, it'll be worth a lot of money, so it's time and money well spent . I guess it depends where you are - there are several Alvis specialist restorers in the Midlands who could do it for you, most of them advertise in the "Bulletin" club magazine. Maybe you cool post some photos so members would see the approximate scale of the task?

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Re: Restore Alvis TD 21 DHC

Postby durhamsmudger » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:39 pm

I hope my comments will help you decide how best to tackle the job.

Bear in mind the task is always going to be at least twice what you imagine it'll be. These are the questions you need to ask yourself , and I would recommend you actually write them down , then write down the answers as you percieve them at this time. That way you can revisit , and add detail so that you are tracking what will be a constantly changing picture.

1) why are you doing it ? Is it to carry on from your dad and you intend to use and keep the car? Or is it to maximise a profit . If it's simply to maximise profit hand the car over to a reputable restorer, one who will charge realistic rates , I had some work done recently on one of my cars at a rate of £40/hour , be aware that these aren't modern cars and things take a lot longer. That said a drop head is a very desirable car.

2) what is your skill set, what can you do ?

3) What is your budget, generic parts i.e. Lucas switches are still reasonably priced! However Red Triangle parts should be regarded as a last resource , a couple of years ago I overhauled the engine top end , as there was some wear on the tappers/ cam follows I thought that I would change them, normally I would expect to pay about £50, but thinking " this is Red Triangle" I'll double it. The total cost would have been £1200- so I got them machined.

I would make out a list of everything that needs doing to build yourself a picture the put against each item an estimated cost of materials and time to do the job, then update it with the actual- this will give you a realistic picture

3. Do you have the space? You will probably need to take the body off the car .

4. As you state you have limited skills. You need to get someone you trust & has some of the skills require to help you evaluate the extent of work required.
5. If have limited skills, what makes you think the engine and gearbox need overhauling? These engines are pretty robust.

The more work you put into evaluating what needs to be done , how/who is going to do it and above all how much will it cost, if you just dive in , you will head for a fall

Good luck

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