Posters, clocks and tankards

For discussion of AOC plans to celebrate the Alvis Centenary
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Name: Philip Olden

Posters, clocks and tankards

Postby Philip » Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:57 am

Francois Gordon wrote;

Dear Philip

In the latest Bulletin you invited ideas re the centenary, so here goes.

a) I suggest the Club should invest in a really classy design of poster for the centenary and take a leaf from the Fougeres rally and print posters on cheap paper, and produce a limited (could be a large number !) series run on art-quality paper. There are a lot of "motoring art" artists who would happily accept a commission for a poster, but the one I favour is Patrick Brunet, who does the Fougeres posters.

As you know, Patrick does a good line in drawings of cars and of people associated with the relevant marque. For anyone you may choose to copy this email to, he has a website, I saw a range of his work at the last Fougeres rally, including one of a line-up of Porsches models over fifty years and I'm sure he would do a good job of an Alvis centenary poster: maybe it could feature the first ever Alvis, the last one, and a 4.3 litre ? And Smith-Clarke and JJ Dunn ?

The drawing of a fwd racer at Brooklands which was produced for the 75th anniversary sold well, and one often sees it framed on the walls of club members. I'm sure members would buy a high-quality Centenary print, and we could make a bit of profit on the cheap-to-produce posters !

I would be willing to deal with Patrick and co-ordinate production of a poster/prints.

b) I also propose that the Club should produce a centenary Alvis clock, with a suitable logo on the clock-face: I'd favour the winged deity holding a red triangle which featured in 1930s Alvis adverts. I know we don't own the logo, but if we ask Red Triangle nicely, why on earth would they say no ? If they did say no, Patrick would produce a nice drawing for the dial, no problem.

We could produce a smallish mantelpiece clock and a large dial one for workshops/garages. If you order them in units of a hundred, quartz battery clocks are cheap as chips. AOC members would certainly buy them, and we could include one in the price of a ticket to the big 2020 bash - we want people to have something nice to take away with them.

Again, I would be willing to take forward design and production.

c) What about silver tankards for the 2020 concours ? The pewter ones are not much better than OK, but if we offered a sterling silver tankard for the best pre-war and the best post-war car at the 2020 meeting, then we would certainly get peoples attention ! Unless the price of silver soars, £1,000 would easily cover it.

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Re: Posters, clocks and tankards

Postby anthonymcg » Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:00 pm

I like the idea of a high quality 'art deco' poster and 'garage clock' but my appetite for tankards silver or otherwise approaches zero!
A limited edition AOC Centenary car badge is a possibility

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