Alvis Book (from Clive Taylor)

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Alvis Book (from Clive Taylor)

Postby Philip » Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:42 am

From Clive Taylor (NZ):

"Could TPS cartoons be included in the ALVIS book instead of being separate? I don’t know how many he has produced with an ALVIS flavour. He may be able / want to alter some to be an ALVIS illustration as well.

My particular favourite is the one where the man is working in the front garden and the wife from the top bedroom window says “Why don’t you do something useful in the garage?

Countries that have an ALVIS Club could write in their native language and someone there could write an English translation. Each booklet should have some significant car pictures in colour, just quoting their chassis number, from the oldest to the newest car in the country, with as many variations, saloon, DHC, 3 point roof etc. Body styles as well.

Looking at my ALVIS books for size the majority are A4 Pictorial hardbound with a dust cover. The quality of paper, font design and layout must be first class, with an Index either for each section or at the end of the book. One important point is that no words are to be spilt at the end of a line and continued onto the next line, a very irritating excuse to save space on a page."

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